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Welcome to the a real Cave Hotel Assiana House;
Cappadocia started forming 60 million years ago with the eruptions of the volcanoes and then the wind & the rain. Whilst the nature formed the Fairy Chimneys, mankind have carved houses and churches in these rock formations and decorated them with frescoes; which formed an important part of Cappadocia's history.

Cappadocia's convenient location and geo-political importance made the region an important base for the early Christian communities to hide away from the persecutions. In time, the region became so convenients that it was also a major route and a cross road of the ancient Silk Road.

Assiana Cave House is one of the houses left behind the populatin exchange. We have completed a restorations with all respect to its history, and saluted our first guests in 2006. With our breathing rock rooms, comfortable and cozy arched rooms we tried to harmonize the old & the new with a touch of Urgup's beauty.

Hosting with a total of 7 rooms, we sincerely hope that you feel the 'land of beautiful horse' like your home land enjoy the fairy tales of Cappadocia.

Hotel Facilites

Delighted to have completed our restaurant finally and now you may enjoy a good variety of Cappadocia's traditional cuisine as well as the local wines in our rock-cut restaurant, enjoying the cool atmosphere of the cave restaurant in the summers and the fire place in the winters.

To complement your time with the best local food, we have also prepared a traditional tandoori oven in addition to our kitchen.

Our menu includes local specialties such as beans in tandoor, wedding soup, yoghurt soup, stuffed vine leaves, stuffed bell peppers, chick peas, homemade noodles, Turkish ravioli, a variety of stews and more.

Please note that the dishes are prepared on a daily basis as we exclusively exercise home style cooking, therefore reservations are necessary especially for larger groups.

Room Facilites

Assian House consists of 7 rooms and family business is foreground. 4 of these rooms are carved into the rock and 3 of them are built with Esbelli stone. All rooms have private ensuite bathrooms and some of them have fireplaces. Of course this beautiful hotel is not only related to the rooms, but also with being family run business. You will feel like you are at home.

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